Pronunciation Guide

Wondering how to pronounce name of people and places in the Baal’s Heart series? You’ve come to the right place!

  • Baltsaros: BALT-sah-ross
  • Baal: Bale
  • Saban: SAY-ban
  • Madierus: MAH-dee-aye-russ
  • Ah’puch: ah-PUCK
  • Abetha: ah-BEE-tha
  • Calum: KAY-lum
  • Ceara: CHI-ara
  • Ereme’ia: ERAY-may-ah
  • Sormaheine: SORE-mah-hayne
  • Jon: George (just kidding)

If I’ve missed one that you’d like to know, just comment below and I’ll clarify it for you!