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Baal's Heart

Baal’s Heart

Baal's Heart

Baal’s Heart

Captain Baltsaros’s ship is based loosely on the HMS Beagle. As some might know, this is the ship made famous by Charles Darwin. It was a British Cherokee Class brig-sloop/sloop-of-war. Baltsaros’s ship differs in that I’ve reduced its length slightly and added a high quarterdeck, placing the captain’s quarters completely above deck. I call it a corvette, which is just another term for “sloop-of-war”. Where the Beagle was a 10-gun ship, Baltsaros’s only has 8: four carronades and four 16-pound cannons.
The crew should be about 80 people for a ship this size but I’ve cut it by half – which might seem crazy, or implausible, but I’ve heard of smaller crews on bigger ships. Everyone works hard, including the captain. And, as Katherine said, they all make out with more cash.

1 – The Quarterdeck
This is the raised back of the ship. The lower part of a two-level aft-castle (or stern-castle). The highest point in the back is called the “poop deck”.

2 – Gunwales/Gunwalls
The raised part all around the ship, often with breaks or holes through which the cannons/guns stick through.

3 – Mizzenmast
The third mast, or the mast immediately aft of the main-mast. Typically shorter than the fore-mast.

4 – The Captain’s Quarters
Located beneath the quarterdeck. Here’s a diagram:

The Captain's QuartersCaptain Baltsaros’s quarters are a little larger than what would generally be afforded on a ship this size, but hey, it’s fiction, and he and Jon spend an awful lot of time in there. I didn’t want it to feel too cramped. As I mentioned in the previous picture, I’ve moved the captain’s quarters entirely above deck, below the raised quarterdeck.

The Capstan
The device by which the anchor is raised. Located at the front, or bow of the ship.

A piece of metal to tie a rope around. There are a few kinds: horn, cam, jam. Baal’s Heart has horn cleats.

The rear of the ship

The stern is the back or aft-most part of a ship or boat

The front of the ship

The bow if the foremost part of a ship or boat.

The shrouds are pieces of standing rigging which hold the mast up from side to side. They often look like nets.

Ropes that hold the masts and sails and other bits up on the ship

Jolly boats
Small dinghy used to get from the ship to land

Jacob’s ladder
Rope ladders used to get down the side of the ship

The ship’s kitchen

The carronade is a short smoothbore, cast iron cannon